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hey, i'm dave

dave honked 07 Feb 2023 15:46 -0800

Anyone using #Honk know if content warnings can be opened for logged in users but collapsed for unauthenticated users?

Tagging @mascal since I noticed open/collapsed changes in your fork.

dave bonked 24 Jan 2023 12:53 -0800
original: tedu@honk.tedunangst.com

Priority alert! A feature has been added to #honk. Maintain vigilance.

I think link previews are terrible, but with the rise of quote tubalooting, a limited form makes sense. So if a honk contains a link, and that link resembles something published by honk compatible software, we'll try to fetch and inline some of the content. Probably needs some refinement, but wanted to get a little something started and see how it goes. It's not using the misskey AP fields (for now), since a lot of software isn't either. Looking for links is more universally effective.

dave bonked 10 Jan 2023 13:48 -0800
original: ChadMeyer@photog.social

I was slowly driving down Mid-Pines Road in Raleigh which is a popular birding spot when I noticed this red shouldered hawk perched on the fence post.

It was so still I almost thought it was a decoy lol. I pulled off to the side of the road and took several pictures. This was the best one, so I call it the perfect pose


#AYearForArt #hawk #birdwatching #naturephotography #wildlife

A red shouldered hawk perched on a fence post with an open field in the background. the hawk is perfectly still and has a combination of brown and white feathers