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Things happen.


dave honked back 26 Jan 2022 22:09 -0800
in reply to: https://honk.dave.moe/u/dave/h/6v2Dp9cxs58zh7mKYb

I ended up purchasing the wood stove and so far so good. I have a smaller home and it heats everything incredibly well.

It took me a year to make this decision but it makes sense now that electric rates keep going up and my solar system is aging. I no longer have to tie myself to my thermostat trying to keep electric bills low.

dave honked 26 Jan 2022 15:48 -0800

Just found out Caddy now has an upgrade command. It detects modules/plugins and downloads the correct executable. I wish more tools would utilize this for easy upgrades, especially tools not found in default repositories.